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2016 Innovator Award Staff Winner: Peter Palacios

Developing sophisticated mapping capabilities

ORI is also pleased to recognize innovation from UNT staff. Peter Palacios, a geographic information systems (GIS) manager for UNT Facilities, has led the development of software to map facilities and utilities. The application is flexible enough to also report maintenance data about the space and the location. The data could be useful for facilities, risk management, emergency responders, space management leaders and others.

GIS will be constantly evolving, Palacios says, and his team can use that tool to help UNT adapt to its changing needs.

“Innovators are incessantly curious and always looking for who, why and what,” Palacios says. “They are always looking at the world in new ways.”

Apart from UNT, Palacios enjoys outdoor activities, such as gardening and landscaping, particularly with native plants.