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UNT researcher publishes book on cold-formed steel construction


Dr. Cheng Yu, associate professor of engineering technology.

Cheng Yu, an associate professor of the Department of Engineering Technology, has published a book that will be a good reference for designing and building sustainable and energy-efficient cold-formed steel buildings.

The book, “Recent Trends in Cold-Formed Steel Construction,” discusses cutting-edge technologies and design methods using cold-formed steel as the main structural material in buildings. The publication evaluates structural characteristics such as thermal and acoustic performance, fire protection, floor vibrations, and blast resistance.

Yu has extensive research and teaching experiences in light framed construction, structural design, building information modeling, and risk management in construction. His research interests are: innovative high-performance cold-formed steel shear walls for mid-rise construction; analytical models of wood-based shear panels; next generation design methodology for web crippling strength; sustainable engineering in buildings; and loss control and prevention in construction.