National Academy of Sciences member to advance UNT plant science research

Signaling Mechanisms in Plants research cluster

The University of North Texas has hired Dr. Richard A. Dixon, a world-renowned specialist in metabolic engineering of plants, to further its goal to become one of the nation’s preeminent research hubs in plant science research.  

Dixon has served as the director of the Plant Biology Division at the Samuel Roberts Noble Foundation since 1988. He has also held adjunct faculty positions at Rice University, the University of Texas at Austin and the University of Oklahoma. He was elected to the National Academy of Sciences in 2007. Dixon will join the UNT faculty as a Distinguished Research Professor in the Department of Biological Sciences on Feb. 1.

Dixon will be an integral member of UNT’s Signaling Mechanisms in Plants research cluster, an interdisciplinary research group established in 2008. The group confronts the challenges of feeding a growing population in the face of increasing demand for more sustainable, bio-based fuels and materials by investigating ways to produce high-quality, high-yield crops under increasingly harsh conditions.

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