UNT art-tech research cluster launches online journal of theory and practice

Initiative for Advanced Research in Technology and the Arts

The UNT-based research cluster Initiative for Advanced Research in Technology and the Arts (iARTA) has launched an online journal in partnership with the UNT Libraries. Moebius explores international art trends and issues at the intersection of theory and practice and is one of the critical scholarship activities that supports iARTA’s focus on hybrid research, technologies, and new media applications.

David Schwarz, the journal’s editor-in-chief and professor of music theory at UNT, says the name Moebius derives from the möbius strip — a one surface, two dimensional mathematical phenomenon that is a “wonderful psychoanalytical metaphor for things that get transformed into their opposite.” The strip represents the intimate interplay between critical thinking and art, and the journal will address the ways in which each mutually informs and defines the other. Moebius is unique from other journals in this regard. “The quality of artworks that appears in other journals online and in print is very high but is not matched by the quality of criticism,” says Schwarz. “Moebius aims to fill this void.”