Recent UAEM-UNT Awardees

Angela Nievar, Educational Psychology — College of Education — "Effects of acculturation on domestic violence: A comparative study among Hispanic immigrant women in Mexico and the United States" — UAEM Collaborator: Leonor Delgadillo

Witold Brostow, Material Science & Engineering — College of Engineering — "Synthesis of silver nanoparticles in renewable polymeric fibers with antibacterial properties using green chemistry methods" — UAEM Collaborator: Oscar Fernando Olea Mejia

John Ishiyama, Political Science — College of Arts and Sciences — "Politics and Federal Fiscal Disbursements: A Comparative Perspective" — UAEM Collaborator: Felipe Carlos Betancourt Higareda

Arup Neogi, Physics — College of Arts and Sciences — "Controlling Hypersonic Acoustic Wave Propagation in Smart Gels via Light Waves — UAEM Collaborator: Miguel Mayorga

Camillo Ruggero, Psychology — College of Arts and Sciences — "Depression and Anxiety in the U.S. and Mexico: Bridging Mental Health Research Across Cultures" — UAEM Collaborator: Adelaida Rojas Garcia

Ione Hunt von Herbing, Biological Sciences — College of Arts and Sciences — "Effects of environmental stress on conservation at high altitude: A case study of ambystoma rivulare in the corral de piedra watershed, state of Mexico, Mexico" — UAEM Collaborator: Oswaldo Gallegos