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“One size fits all” is a cliché that doesn’t fit the mold for Bugao Xu, a professor and the new chair of UNT’s Department of Merchandising and Digital Retailing.

This mobile device can help scientists monitor air quality or help authorities better process crime scenes.

Psychologist Craig Neumann developed mathematical models of brain gray matter volume involving the entire para-limbic system — brain regions that are associated with the processing of emotions and behavior. 

Enjoying outdoor festivals and concerts with hours of loud music can take a toll on your hearing. UNT audiologist Dr. Elizabeth McGee offers some tips for protecting your hearing without missing the activities you enjoy.

College of Music Professor of Percussion Gideon Alorwoyie received a grant to study and record their traditional ritual drum language to help develop a better understanding of the music, also known as Brekete, and to preserve its history. 

Drums can do more than just provide a beat. For the Anlo-Ewe people in Ghana, West Africa, they can tell stories, cure diseases, promote fertility and summon spirits.

UNT’s Center for Information and Computer Security is a hub for interdisciplinary programs and research from business, criminal justice and engineering that focuses on network security and human behavior in relation to cybersecurity.

University of North Texas students are marking a year-long winning streak with another first-place win at a major logistics contest. Four students took the top award from the 35th Annual Operation Stimulus Case Competition, hosted by the Denver Transportation Club in February. 

Lisa Mercer, a December 2015 graduate of the College of Visual Arts and Design with a master’s of fine arts in design research, created a smartphone app Operation Compass to help people — especially truck drivers — report incidents of human trafficking.

Three students from the University of North Texas Texas Academy of Mathematics and Science were named regional finalists in the 2015 Siemens Competition. UNT's TAMS program had more regional finalists and semifinalists than any other school in Texas.


Harvey Zimmermann, director of UNT’s Institute of Petroleum Accounting, shares his thoughts on how the oil and gas industry is combating issues such as cybersecurity, mergers and acquisitions, and government regulation changes.

Rajiv Mishra

Professor of Materials Science and Engineering Rajiv Mishra is recognized as a world leader in the field of friction stir welding and processing, which involves joining solid-state metals without first melting the metals.

Aaron Roberts, Warren Burggren and Dane Crossley

Three University of North Texas biology researchers were awarded $2.7 million from the Gulf of Mexico Research Initiative to study the effects of oil on different animal species and water in the Gulf of Mexico.

Quail are popular in Texas, and with the game bird population decreasing 80 percent since 1966, Dr. Kelly Reyna, executive director of UNT Quail, is working to find solutions to preserve quail.

Dr. David Stout, professor of composition and new media and coordinator of UNT's Initiative for Advanced Research in Technology and the Arts (iARTA), challenged students to create their own performance art.