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Aaron Roberts, Warren Burggren and Dane Crossley
Three University of North Texas biology researchers were awarded $2.7 million from the Gulf of Mexico Research Initiative to study the effects of oil on different animal species and water in the Gulf of Mexico.
Quail are popular in Texas, and with the game bird population decreasing 80 percent since 1966, Dr. Kelly Reyna, executive director of UNT Quail, is working to find solutions to preserve quail.
Dr. David Stout, professor of composition and new media and coordinator of UNT's Initiative for Advanced Research in Technology and the Arts (iARTA), challenged students to create their own performance art.
Laurie Carrillo
UNT’s Texas Academy of Mathematics and Science (TAMS) allows talented high school students to start their first two years of college early and gets them on the path to a STEM career faster.
Engineering technology associate professor leads UNT research as part of consortium to realize full potential of cold-formed steel as a strong, economical and recyclable choice for buildings and structures.
Morrison, a recent chemistry and biochemistry graduate, received prestigious fellowship to pursue metabolic engineering graduate studies in hopes to help make the production of biofuels more sustainable.
UNT doctoral candidate Jessica Beckham has spent years researching Texas bumblebee populations, observing how urban green spaces and community gardens are preserving these important pollinators.
Two degrees in mathematics from UNT helped alum create a 34-year engineering career at NASA’s Johnson Space Center