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Kinesiology professor named to scientific journal editorial board

Brian McFarlin, co-director of the UNT Applied Physiology Lab and director of the International Sports Medicine Federation Collaborating Center of Excellence, has been named one of five editors for the journal METHODS.

METHODS is a peer-reviewed scientific journal covering research on techniques in the experimental biological and medical sciences. McFarlin, a professor in the College of Education’s Department of KinesiologyDr. Brian McFarlin, Health Promotion and Recreation, is one of only three Americans named to the editorial board.

“Getting picked to be a METHODS editor is a big deal,” McFarlin says. “This is a premier journal and, as you noticed, there are very few editors involved. The only other American is from the University of Michigan. This is huge that they would pick someone from UNT and consider that person on par with a faculty from Michigan. That aside, I am excited to contribute to a very significant journal in a meaningful way that will allow me to shape future science efforts.”

The editor-in-chief of the METHODS editorial board if Kenneth W. Adolph from the University of Minnesota and Niles Walter from the University of Michigan also serves on the board. Other editors are from Korea, France and England.

McFarlin previously served as a guest editor on the editorial board for the past three years. In his new role, he will oversee the development of concepts for upcoming special issues. 

METHODS is indexed in PubMed, Web of Science, and has an impact factor of 3.802.

McFarlin also notes that METHODS isn’t focused on exercise physiology or sports medicine, which makes his inclusion even more significant.

“They are a strictly biological methods journal,” McFarlin says. “Traditionally exercise physiology isn’t considered part of that, so being apart of this journal gives me some translational exposure as well that is not common in our field of study.”