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Partnership helping to expand support for families dealing with autism

UNT'S Kristin Farmer Autism Center (KFAC) and the Texas Home Instruction for Parents of Preschool Youngsters (HIPPY) are offering families who have a child with autism spectrum disorder help.

The collaboration, which is currently serving 66 families around the state, is aimed at children 3 to 5 years old and their parents and can serve up to 100 families. The Kristin Farmer Autism Center is providing training to Texas HIPPY staff, who then conduct weekly home visiting services.

“The A+HIPPY program is significant because it impacts families throughout all regions of the state, and many of those are in rural areas where in-home services are often difficult to find,” said Kevin Callahan, executive director at KFAC.

The program aims to improve the family’s knowledge of autism spectrum disorder, teach basic skills associated with evidence-based autism interventions, increase key developmental and school readiness skills and reduce parental stress.

“This collaboration has transformed the services we provide to vulnerable families,” said Carla Marie Mowell, director of Texas HIPPY.

Mowell said that with the support and training from the KFAC staff, they have been able to adapt their existing services and curriculum so that children with autism can participate in activities with their parents.

“We have already heard from parents that their children are enjoying the experience and making gains,” Mowell said. “The parents tell us that the in-home visits give them much needed support.”

To find out where the programs are available visit, http://locations.texashippy.org/.