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UNT computer engineering professor named Tech Titans Award finalist

Ram Dantu, UNT College of Engineering professor and director of UNT's Center for Information and Computer SecurityRam Dantu, College of Engineering professor and director of the UNT Center for Information and Computer Security, has been named a finalist for a prestigious Tech Titans Award. Dantu has been named in the Technology Inventor category that recognizes people or groups responsible for creating breakthrough ideas, processes or products that have advanced their discipline as a whole.

“It is a real honor to be named a finalist and that UNT is competing with so many technology giants,” Dantu says.

Dantu, who has 25 patents with nine more pending, is being considered based on new innovative technologies, including a cellphone and smartwatch software he’s developing that will enable bystanders to properly perform chest compressions on heart attack victims.

“After someone has a heart attack, the first five minutes are the most important -- they determine if you will survive,” Dantu says. “This software will not only teach you the correct pressure and rate for chest compressions, but will connect to the hospital or 9-1-1 center to provide patient information.”

Dantu says this honor is not his alone. He credits his students for their hard work and the National Science Foundation for providing research funding.

“I have a lot of students working with me developing so many wonderful technologies,” Dantu says. “They, along with the NSF, made this possible.”

Tech Titans, Texas’ largest technology trade association, represents a quarter million employees through its 300 member companies. Its mission is to support the pursuit of technology at all levels, from innovation to legislation. Their annual awards were created to recognize the elite in the North Texas region's technology. Winners will be announced at the awards gala on Aug. 25.