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Charge Rates: Animal Per Diem and Services

The UNT Laboratory Animal Medicine Program

Species Per Diem
Fish small tank $0.50
Fish med tank $1.00
Fish large tank $2.00
Frog (Xenopus) Tank $0.47
Mouse (std) 4/cage $0.74
Mouse colony cage $1.32
Mouse infect. rack $0.90
Mouse breeders $2.05
Rabbits (one per cage) $2.05
Rat (std) $1.10
Pigeons $1.02

 Service Charges

Service  Charge
Bio-containment surcharge $20.0 (on animal per diem)
Import domestic facilities $180 per crate
Lab services processing fee $10.00
Husbandry staff hourly rate $20.00
Animal health technician hourly rate $42.50
Laboratory manager hourly rate $42.50
Veterinarian hourly rate $75.00
Set up fee $5.00
Surcharge (on supplies) 17.50%
Rodent surveillance Request quote

 Euthanizing Animals

Rodents (CO2)              $3.00/20 Minimum