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Murphy Center for Entrepreneurship and Innovation

UNT is leading an initiative to grow a sustainable, business accelerator platform throughout the North Texas region, thanks to new leadership from Jon McCarry for UNT's Murphy Center for Entrepreneurship and Innovation. McCarry plans to make the center a go-to resource for businesses, as well as UNT students, faculty, staff and alumni.

Mission and goals

The Murphy Center is working to build a collaborative environment that facilitates the development of new business ventures strengthens the prospects of early-stage companies in the North Texas region, and supports efforts to commercialize university assets. By building a strong ecosystem, our UNT students have access to a range of services and opportunities to realize their potential.

Over this first year, the Murphy Center is building frameworks to assist our students, faculty and staff looking to develop an idea. As well, we have begun working with early stage companies seeking resources and to take the next step. Our platform provides a range of support functions to foster success. Generating and supporting success means building a base of partners within the business community, institutional investors and venture capital firms.

Student connections

Working with UNT’s Office of Innovation and Commercialization, we recently began discussions with venture capital firms eager to provide opportunities to our students and access leading technologies developed by the university.

Additionally, we are developing and launching 30 venture clinics that provide targeted, concise content relevant to building successful startups. Our clinics include academic and practical perspectives. The practicals are typically led by industry practitioners and mentors, who have decades of experience in their fields of expertise. Clinical topics range from LLC formations to marketing analytics to patent strategies. We believe firmly that venture success is predicated on the success of influencers around the entrepreneur.


Lastly, the Murphy Center has begun holding international Venture Capital Forums, providing eligible alternative investment firms, early- to growth-stage companies and institutional investors, sector-focused private market events where industry practitioners present and discuss strategies and concerns alongside related UNT faculty and graduate students. These efforts support students’ access to opportunities and build pathways to commercialization for our research.

As we move forward, we will continue to build out our platform by adding services and onboarding new ventures. We hope to extend the reach of the Murphy Center throughout the region, becoming a leading resource for students and a partner for the venture community. With Texas being ranked the 10th largest economy in the world, the Murphy Center believes UNT has a leading role to play in the development of future entrepreneurial activities that contribute to the overall economy and impact the region in meaningful ways.

Link with investors

I’d like to see the Murphy Center become a leading resource for the North Texas region — partnering with a range of ventures, from innovative ideas to early-stage growth companies, while also building bridges with the investor community at large. If we’re doing our job correctly, new opportunities are blooming in concert with a vibrant environment. We want our innovative companies to keep their roots in the North Texas region and inspire others.