Cayuse SP

In order to speed up and make more accurate proposal submissions, UNT has secured and customized an electronic proposal administration software called "Cayuse"  from the provider  Envisions. Cayuse Sponsored Projects (Cayuse SP) facilitates internal electronic routing of all sponsored project proposals.   

Cayuse SP is also designed to assist  the Grants & Contracts Administration (GCA) with sponsored project awards management  and provide a framework for Principal Investigators (PIs), departments, and colleges to track their sponsored program  activities  and produce reports.  

Cayuse Access / Change 

If you do not currently have access to Cayuse, please ​Request/change access to cayuse

Cayuse FAQs

I already set up my Cayuse SP access, but cannot log back in / Access has been denied , what should I do?

If you have successfully logged in before and are now having difficulty, please contact the following for support:  

Are the PI/Co-PI roles the same in Cayuse?   

Cayuse SP roles are:   

  1. Lead Principle Investigator (Lead PI), previously referred to as PI   

  1. Principle Investigator (PI), previously referred to as Co-PI

Does the Conflict of Interest Page (COI) in Cayuse SP replace the UNT annual SFID form?

No. The COI page in Cayuse SP is answered for each proposal separately. Each person on the research team must still complete the UNT Significant Financial Interest Disclosure (SFID) form at the beginning of each Fiscal Year. Visit the Research Integrity & Compliance website for more information about the SFID form and UNT Conflict of Interest policies.   

My sponsor or subcontractor is not available in Cayuse SP, what do I do?  

If you cannot locate your sponsor, search again with keywords ‘Sponsor Not Found’, select ‘0_Sponsor Not Found_Contact GCA to add in Cayuse’ and continue with your proposal. If you cannot locate your subcontractor, search again with keywords ‘Subcontractor Not Found’, select ‘0_Subcontractor Not Found_Contact GCA to add in Cayuse’ continue with your proposal, and be sure to upload all subcontractor attachments.   

What documents should be attached to my electronic proposal before routing?  

All proposals in Cayuse SP should include the following documents: Program Announcement/Application Guidelines (e.g., RFP), Budget Tool (in Excel), Budget Justification, and final proposal package. When applicable, please also attach: UNT Non-Standard F&A (IDC) Allocation form, cost share documents (budget, budget justification, and Cost Share Approval form), sponsor representations and certifications, subcontractor documents (letter of commitment, budget, budget justification, scope of work, and sub-recipient questionnaire), and UNT PI eligibility approval for any/all applicable persons. For more information or additional forms, please visit   

What is the order of approval for electronic proposal routing in Cayuse SP?  

Proposal materials may be sent directly to GCA without department and college review if the Principal Investigator(s) certify on the proposal routing that they are not requesting from the department or college (i) any cost share or match, (ii) buy-out or release from teaching, (iii) new or renovated space, or (iv) modification of indirect cost (F&A/IDC) distribution.  

If the proposal notes or implies one or a combination of the four items above, the department(s) and college(s) will be required to approve the proposal.  

  • Lead PI and other members of the Research Team certify the proposal  

  • Chair of each member of the Research Team Department approves  

  • Dean/Designee approves  

  • Grants and Contracts Administration (GCA) reviews for approvals  

 If there is no cost share, no buy-out or course release, no new or renovated space, and standard F&A (IDC) distribution, how may I route my completed electronic proposal directly to GCA through Cayuse SP?   

To route proposal materials directly to GCA, SELECT ‘GCA- Grant & Contract Admin’ as the *Award Admin Dept in the General Information section of the Cayuse SP electronic proposal record. After GCA has electronically received the completed Cayuse SP proposal record, a GCS will change the *Award Admin Dept to show the PI’s home department.  

Is routing the electronic proposal through Cayuse SP the same action as the Principal Investigator(s) certifying the proposal?  

No. After the proposal is submitted for routing in Cayuse SP, the system will send a notification to the Lead PI, and all other PIs, advising that each one must certify the proposal.  

I am a Lead PI or PI on a proposal, how do I certify the proposal?  

After a proposal has been submitted for routing, each PI receives a notification that they must certify the proposal. Each PI must log into Cayuse SP and click their ‘PI Certification Inbox’ (located on the Home page, under Certifications/Approvals) to access the proposal to be certified. Click on the proposal  number, and  certify the electronic proposal as a member of the Research Team.  

The Lead PI is the Chair, Dean or center Director, will he/she need to certify and then approve the proposal?  

Yes. When the Lead PI logs into Cayuse SP he/she will see a notification in both the ‘PI Certification Inbox’ and ‘Dept Approval Inbox’. First access the ‘PI Certification Inbox’ to certify the electronic proposal as a member of the Research Team, and then access the ‘Dept Approval Inbox’ and approve.  

If a PI has a dual appointment how is credit allocated to both departments?  

To allocate credit for Research Team members with dual appointments, add the faculty member to the Research Team twice. Once under his/her primary department, with the appropriate allocation of credit, and again under the secondary department, with the remaining allocation of credit. The split allocation of credit must be the same percentage split as the PI’s official UNT appointment.   

May a PI submit an electronic proposal for routing in Cayuse SP? 

Yes, a PI may submit an electronic proposal for routing in Cayuse SP.    

Will all departmental approvers receive an email to complete the routing process in Cayuse?  

Yes. All approvers and members of the Research Team will receive an email notification to certify or approve the electronic proposal.   

Cayuse Tech Support  

GCA Cayuse Tech Support :