Cayuse 424 Submissions

Cayuse 424

Proposals previously submitted via will be transmitted to the sponsor using Cayuse 424. Cayuse 424 became an available option in the Fall of 2015. Your proposal approval documents will be routed to GCA through Cayuse SP. GCA will submit your proposal to the sponsor through Cayuse 424, a web-based "system-to-system" proposal submission program. When your proposal is prepared in Cayuse 424, it may be linked (paired) to your electronic routing record in Cayuse SP.

 Login to Cayuse 424 

If your proposal is developed in NSF's FastLane or some other electronic sponsor system (NASA's NSPIRES, etc.) you are not required to use Cayuse 424.

To access Cayuse 424, log into Cayuse and select Cayuse 424 Research Administration Module. If you do not currently have access to Cayuse, please submit an ‚Äčonline Cayuse Access Request.