Editing Service

Proposal Editing Services

Proposal development supports proposals with a team of staff and graduate student technical editors for individual or interdisciplinary proposals. This service is geared towards non-native English speakers.  

Eligibility for Support 

Faculty members, Research Scientists, and Postdocs who are seeking editing and proofreading on sponsored research proposals (grants) are eligible. This service is offered on a first-come, first-served basis and is subject to the editing team’s availability.  

For assistance developing proposals for philanthropic organizations, please contact the  Corporate and Foundation Relations  team in the Division of Advancement.      

What’s Included in the Editing  

Services include editing, proofreading,  and image/visual improvements. Proposal reviews include comments and suggestions that: 

  • increase the resolution and clarity of images and tables 

To request editing support, select “yes” on your GCS Request Form or email untresearchdevelopment@unt.edu to discuss if the project is eligible for editing services.  


The Research Development department provides graphic upgrade services for infographics, tables, and charts in faculty proposals. Faculty are invited to send a completed graphic/mockup with guidance on the desired look of the final project. We will upgrade that graphic using professional graphic software such as Photoshop, Illustrator, or Canva; however, we cannot create graphics from scratch, only upgrade existing ones. Additionally, we do not offer 3-D modeling services or use software such as SOLIDWORKS or AutoCAD. See examples of the sorts of graphics we can create below.

  • Screenshot of a Tree Infographic
  • Screenshot of a Timeline Infographic
  • Screenshot of a Project Infographic