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Shelter prototype with researchers and students
Researchers at UNT have built a stronger and safer tactical shelter for military personnel.
UNT Associate Professor Ana Alonso (standing) and postdoc Cintia Arias
Associate professor Ana Alonso is leading a research project to study a unique type of seed oil produced by the pennycress plant. 
Helen Wang
Xuexia Wang was awarded $413,479 for her research on childhood cancer treatment-related adverse outcomes such as therapy related cardiac disease and subsequent malignant neoplasms.
Ceballos Cartwright Carey
Three UNT professors have been awarded more than $1.5 million in grants to begin the work of increasing cultural competency in therapists.
Alexis Scott
UNT alum Alexis Scott was named one of the “Hidden Figures of Dallas: Top Women of Color in STEM” by the National Society of Black Engineers’ Dallas-Fort Worth chapter.
Madison and Sky McClure
UNT alums Madison and Sky McClure are founders of Cortex Therapy Solutions, a mobile application that stores therapy activities for speech-language pathologists and their patients.
Alan Kumar
UNT alum Alan Kumar, assistant professor of pharmacology at the National University of Singapore, is researching how to help women with metastatic cancer respond better to chemotherapy.
David Copps
UNT alum Dave Copps, founder of DFW-based startup Brainspace, produced technology that can read and learn from hundreds of millions documents simultaneously.
José R. Torres-Ramos has spent the past year completing fieldwork on mariachi music culture in Mexico as part of a Fulbright-Hays Doctoral Dissertation Research Abroad Fellowship.
UNT alum Kathryn Ostermeier used her dissertation to study how different identities at work or at home impact people on the job.
Max Parola
Max Parola became interested in human computer interaction research through work as an undergraduate studying psychology in the xREZ Art + Science Lab.
Chipo Gray
Chipo Gray, a master’s student in biological sciences, discovered her passion for research as a biochemistry undergraduate at UNT.
Sumshot Khular
Sumshot Khular, an international student pursuing a master’s in linguistics, is trying to save her disappearing Lamkang language.
Nada Shabout
Nada Shabou received a Creative Capital Andy Warhol Foundation Arts Writers Grant for a book she is writing about modern artists and critics in Iraq who were instrumental in constructing the language of art.
Dr. Richard Dixon
A team of scientists has developed ways for forage crops such as the common alfalfa plant to produce specific types of tannin that will allow for better digestion by sheep and cattle with less release of environmentally unfriendly greenhouse gasses.