UNT to cancel in-person classes March 16-22.

All instruction to resume March 23.

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Tae-Youl Choi and researchers in lab
Doctors soon will have a new way to determine if a cell is cancerous by measuring its thermal properties, thanks to Tae-Youl Choi, a professor in the College of Engineering.
UNT professor finds citizen scientists make excellent resources
Kelly Albus sifted years of data collected by citizen scientists and found that it is of a quality consistent with that collected by professional agencies.
methane and methanol molecules; one additional red oxygen molecule
Modern-day alchemist Tom Cundari is taking the first steps to change methane gas into its liquid “cousin” methanol for safer and more economic shipping.
Photo of Tran Templeton taken by child
Tran Nguyen Templeton is working to help children express themselves and tell their own stories even though they are not yet old enough to write.
Oliviero Andreussi
Oliviero Andreussi is developing a virtual lab to test compounds that will either increase or decrease the formation of natural gas hydrates, potentially preventing undersea pipeline leaks.
Professors Elias Mpofu, Elias Kougianos, and Suraju Mohanty photographed at Discovery Park in Denton Texas on January 17, 2020. (Ranjani Groth/UNT)
Elias Kougianos, Elias Mpofu and Saraju Mohanty will use a $247,000 NSF grant to improve the security of implantable medical devices and the data they collect.
ginkgo tree
Richard Dixon and an international team of scientists have found that these thousand-year-old trees aren’t programmed to die.
Ifana Mahbub
Ifana Mahbub will create a new tool that may lead to treatments for chronic pain and stroke recovery.
David Hoeinghaus
David Hoeinghaus is partnering with the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department to protect the fish and others in their ecosystem.   
fana Mahbub (center), assistant professor of electrical engineering, works on a microchip with students, Pashupati Raj Adhikari and Nishat Tarannum Tasneem
Ifana Mahbub is using the latest energy-harvesting technology to develop a wireless, wearable fitness tracker that will never need to be charged.
Kent Chapman is questioning decades-old assumptions in plant biochemistry to find better ways of using lipids, the energy molecules found in all plants.
Reid Ferring holding skull
Reid Ferring is part of an international team of scientists who have developed a breakthrough method of identifying the sex and species of animals in fossils more than a million years old.
Dr. Amie Lund
Cardiovascular toxicology researcher Amie Lund has found that exposure to certain air pollutants may cause weight gain, especially when coupled with a high-fat diet.
Dr. Calvin Henard
Calvin Henard is passionate about microbiology and its role and influence on our everyday lives.
Brianne Soulen
Ever since a visit to the aquarium as a child, Brianne Soulen has been fascinated by marine mammals.