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Chinese violet cress flowers
How a small flower in China led to a big discovery: UNT professors are working on a plant oil that could replace petroleum and sythetic oils.
Ben Sirota in lab
Benjamin Sirota, Ph.D. student in the Department of Materials Science and Engineering, has published in Nature’s Scientific Reports a new method for protecting nanoelectronics that will result in longer-lasting components with better electronic stability. 
Saurabh Nene and Michael Franks
Saurabh Nene, a post-doctoral researcher with the UNT College of Engineering Department of Materials Science and Engineering, has designed a new steel-like alloy that is five times stronger than conventional steel by combining iron, manganese, cobalt, chromium and silicon through induction melting, casting and Friction Stir Processing.
Ellen Qian, Mira Patel and Raahi Menon
While many teenagers are spending their summer at the pool, dozens of UNT Texas Academy of Mathematics and Science students are conducting research in laboratories across the UNT campus. Summer scholarships and generous faculty members offer rare opportunities for these young students to work alongside UNT researchers.
Will Rackers
25 undergraduate students are conducting research at UNT this summer thanks to the NSF's Research Experiences for Undergraduates (REU) program. UNT has 3 NSF-REU sites led by senior researchers in the departments of chemistry, political science, and computer science and engineering. 
UNT Physics Ph.D. Graduate Research Assistant Todd Byers (foreground) and Graduate Research Assistant Jack Manual conduct proton induced x-ray emission (PIXE) analysis on dust samples to help determine composition.
The dusty coat on your car after a rainstorm has a real purpose in our environmental ecosystem, according to a recent scientific study. UNT professor Alexandra Ponette-Gonzalez participated in the study, which marked the first time that the composition, frequency and amount of dust in rainwater have been quantified in Texas. 
Summer Academy high school students and researcher in laboratory
The UNT 2018 Science Summer Academy gave middle school and high school English language learners the opportunity to learn about plant science from senior scientists in the field. Over the last three summers, the students' teachers have spent several weeks learning from UNT researchers and developing lesson plans in English and Spanish.
Jincheng Du
UNT Materials Science and Engineering professor Jincheng Du is working to develop new glass materials to store nuclear waste and, after experimenting with advanced modeling and characterizations, found that a gel layer, that forms on the glass surface, has unique properties.
​UNT historian Constance Hilliard has pioneered the field of African evolutionary history, which explores the intersection of genetic adaptations and ecological environments. Watch a video about Hilliard's cancer research.
Oliver Chyan
UNT professor Oliver Chyan has developed a way for microchip manufacturers to see flaws in their chips that no one has ever seen before. Chyan says that this new technology will revolutionize how chips are manufactured and lead to smaller chips and faster computing times.
Ciara Boniface
The world's "Next Visionary Filmmaker" is a UNT media arts student. Junior Ciara Boniface submitted a video in a contest that won her $100,000 to film her next movie, a Nissan Leaf and a visit to the premiere of A Wrinkle in Time.
Megan Seymore
How visualizations of big data and differing data sources influence decision-making in internal audits is the focus of UNT accounting doctoral candidate Megan Seymore's dissertation study, which earned her a $10,000 Michael J. Barrett Doctoral Dissertation Grant from the Internal Audit Foundation
Gustavo Lara Saenz
Gustavo Lara Saenz, a Ph.D. student in the College of Engineering, is the lead author of a study about the development of high performance photodetectors. He worked on the study with mentor Anupama Kaul, director of UNT's College of Engineering's PACCAR Technology Institute.
The first woman to win IBM's Master the Mainframe challenge for the North American region is a UNT senior − College of Business student Anna McKee. She won first place in the final and most difficult portion of IBM's contest, making this the second year in a row that a UNT student has won.
Three UNT faculty members have received a $313,000 grant to help local school children improve academically and achieve mental wellness.