UNT researchers create new, stronger plant-based carbon fiber

The new fiber can replace common petroleum and coal-based products in wide range of goods including parts for cars, aircraft,...

A team of UNT researchers measured the levels of depression and cardiorespiratory fitness in students from six middle schools.

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The public can compete for prizes in the latest version of an online gaming competition that's helping University of North Texas researchers improve the efficiency of the next generation of electronic gadgets, such as...
DENTON, Texas (UNT) – A Carrollton company is turning to researchers at the University of North Texas to examine its newest wind turbine, which it hopes can solve a difficult problem -- harvesting power when wind speeds...
University of North Texas Associate Professor of Chemistry Guido Verbeck has created a device for the U.S. Department of Justice that will allow investigators to analyze inks, paints, papers and other materials criminals...

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UNT strives to promote research, scholarship, and creative activities that engage faculty, research scientists, graduate and undergraduate students, and external collaborative partners to their fullest potential.

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ORED plays a key role in this mission by supporting faculty in their research activities. ORED offers a comprehensive package of services to support and advance research projects at every stage of development.

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In today's global marketplace, business graduates may have to work with co-workers scattered across the world -- and they may never meet face to face.

So how do you learn how to work on a team with one person in Austria, another in Finland and yet another in China when you're in Texas?

Dr. Ted Farris, professor of logistics in the University of North Texas College of Business, developed a...

Jason Pockrus

Two UNT College of Music doctoral students will be traveling abroad after earning prestigious research awards this year.

Jason Pockrus, who is studying saxophone performance, received a Fulbright grant to study in China. He travels to China in July to take a language course offered by the Fulbright U.S. Student Program this summer and will begin his research in October. Kimary Fick, who is studying musicology,...

Christina Wasson

When two people disagree about something each feels passionately about, communication can be frustrating. When groups must work together to meet common goals, communication can be even more challenging. University of North Texas professor of anthropology Christina Wasson has received a National Science Foundation ...




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