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New research published in Nature is challenging a theory that is more than 50 years old and could change how some materials are designed in the future.

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The idea — Art of Innovation — embraces da Vinci’s principles of the “complete mind,” expressing the importance of engaging the left and right sides of the brain while stressing that connectivity across disciplines brings greater results. And UNT has long been a place that eschews the left brain vs. right brain divide, knowing that the most powerful breakthroughs happen when disciplines converge.

Biotechnology has consumer applications beyond drugs — everything from  construction and transportation materials to cosmetics and fabrics 

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UNT Research is published for the Office of the Vice President for Research and Innovation by the Division of University Relations, Communications and Marketing, University of North Texas.

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UNT is a leading research university that is nationally and internationally recognized for its scholarship in all fields — from fine arts to technology, humanities to life sciences, and music to entrepreneurship. UNT is committed to the creation and advancement of innovative research, art and scholarship.

One of the primary responsibilities of the Office of Research and Innovation is to develop and implement strategies in collaboration with the Office of the Provost and other vice presidential areas to transform and expand UNT's research enterprise.

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“One size fits all” is a cliché that doesn’t fit the mold for Bugao Xu, a professor and the new chair of UNT’s Department of Merchandising and Digital Retailing.

This mobile device can help scientists monitor air quality or help authorities better process crime scenes.

Psychologist Craig Neumann developed mathematical models of brain gray matter volume involving the entire para-limbic system — brain regions that are associated with the processing of emotions and behavior. 

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The Office of Research supports new knowledge and its dissemination by assisting faculty in their research, scholarly, and creative activities.

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