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When researchers combine their expertise in various disciplines to solve a problem, they find more practical answers than if they work alone. Their solutions transcend any one field, and the team of problem solvers can adapt to industry needs. UNT is at the forefront of collaboration — looking at the world in new ways, and pushing progress beyond invention to innovation.

Research Spotlight

Innovation is a key mantra of building bold visions of the 21st century. It is different from “invention,” which most often is associated with an individual discovery. This was certainly true in the early 20th century. As engineered systems and technology evolved to a higher level of complexity and the missions became bolder (landing a man on the moon!), collaborative efforts emerged as the pathway to big dreams.

Four UNT innovators in biology, chemistry and geographical information systems earned UNT’s inaugural Innovator Award from the Office of Research and Innovation

UNT Research Magazine

UNT Research is published for the Office of the Vice President for Research and Innovation by the Division of University Relations, Communications and Marketing, University of North Texas.

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About ORI

UNT is a leading research university that is nationally and internationally recognized for its scholarship in all fields — from fine arts to technology, humanities to life sciences, and music to entrepreneurship. UNT is committed to the creation and advancement of innovative research, art and scholarship.

One of the primary responsibilities of the Office of Research and Innovation is to develop and implement strategies in collaboration with the Office of the Provost and other vice presidential areas to transform and expand UNT's research enterprise.

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Our Research

Materials scientist Marcus Young is investigating a secret underneath the final layer of paint on Alessandro Allori’s 500-year-old Portrait of Grand Duchess Bianca Capello de Medici with Her Son.

UNT biology and chemistry researchers have made breakthrough discoveries to advance the detection and treatment of cancer.

Kent Chapman, Regents Professor of biological sciences, is working to find ways to produce oil in plant tissues other than seeds and fruits, such as leaves. 

Tools for Researchers

The Office of Research supports new knowledge and its dissemination by assisting faculty in their research, scholarly, and creative activities.

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