Deadlines for Proposals

Deadlines for Proposals

The University review process takes time. A complete proposal should be submitted to GCA, including a reasonable draft of the narrative, a minimum of 6 (six) full business days prior to the sponsor’s submission deadline. The final narrative should be finalized and received by GCA by 8:00 am the day of the sponsor’s submission deadline. GCA may modify this request based on the time the proposal is due.

GCA will review proposals for which the technical portion is still in draft provided that all other proposal elements are complete and final and all required reviews and approvals by the appropriate Chair, Dean, and other applicable approvers have been received in GRAMS.

Proposals will normally be processed in order of receipt. It is the responsibility of the PI to ensure that a proposal is received by GCA in time to meet any established sponsor deadline.

Late proposals will not receive priority over proposals complying with the required lead times. 

Proposals and documents received after the six-day deadline will receive a modified level of review.

GCA does not guarantee the submission of proposals that do not allow for sufficient time to complete the necessary review and navigate an appropriate sponsor submission.  UNT reserves the right to review and request changes prior to acceptance of an award or to decline an award, if the budget or other commitments contained in the proposal do not conform to UNT specifications or requirements.