Sample Submission

Sample Submission

The BioAnalytical Facility is a pay-per-use service that can accommodate researchers at the University of North Texas and external users including non-profit organizations and corporations. Before submitting samples to the facility, scientists are required to meet with the Director, Ana Paula Alonso (, and the facility's manager, Jean Christophe Cocuron (, in order to discuss their scientific project, and subsequently determine its feasibility. Once a decision has been reached and the project can move forward, the users will have to fill out a sample submission form and a BAF policy agreement form and send them back by email to Jean Christophe Cocuron (

Once a payment arrangement has been made, samples can be shipped along with the sample submission form by FedEx or UPS to the following address:

Attn: Jean Christophe Cocuron
University of North Texas
Science Research Building, Room 128
1504 W. Mulberry St.
Denton, TX 76201

Please notify Jean Christophe Cocuron by email ( about the shipment of your samples, and provide the carrier tracking number in order to prevent any delay in the delivery of your package(s).


  • Liquid samples have to be shipped in dry ice to avoid any degradation of the metabolite(s) of interest.
  • Dried samples can either be sent in dry ice or at room temperature. We strongly recommend the inclusion of desiccant packs along with your samples in order to prevent moisture accumulation. Presence of moisture in your samples could result in activation of enzymes and/or degradation of metabolites that will not necessarily reflect the metabolic state of a biological sample at a specific period of time or under a particular condition.

Please, feel free to contact Jean Christophe Cocuron ( if you have any questions regarding sample handling and/or shipment.

BAF is not responsible for any damages incurred during the transportation of the samples.

Forms to complete and sign

BAF Internal User Sample Submission Form

BAF External User Sample Submission Form

UNT BAF Policy Agreement Form