Consumer Experiences in Digital Environments research cluster hosts scholar

Consumer Experiences in Digital Environments

Ulrike Gretzel, associate professor of marketing at the Institute for Innovation in Business and Social Research, which is located at the University of Wollongong in Australia, was the special guest and facilitator of a retreat for faculty members in the Consumer Experiences in Digital Environments research cluster March 19.

Gretzel, whose research on consumers and technology has been funded by the National Science Foundation, European Union, Canadian Tourism Commission and National Endowment for the Humanities, is a founding member of the cluster’s advisory board. The cluster will be housed in the new global Digital Retailing Research Center in the College of Merchandising, Hospitality and Tourism.

The retreat’s purpose was to bring researchers who study consumers and technology, and focus on innovative strategies for generating new ideas and research methods, together for dialogues. During the retreat, six faculty members and four master’s students presented papers on blog advertising signals; consumer experiences; the locavore, or locally produced food, movement; intelligent mobile environments; social media; and musical identity.