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transportation graphic with illustrations of cars
Dallas skyline with river
medical workers holding hands
Tamara Brown
undergraduate researchers in biology lab
DC fellows and Rep. Burgess
students with 3D printing equipment
Morgan Kainu
Brian Elliott
Allison Taylor
Kelley Jacques
Shrika Eddula
Dr. Pamela Padilla
Joshua Lopez
biomedical engineering
Jantana Keereetaweep
Dr. Lauren Eutsler at desk
Ifana Mahbub
jojoba flower
Rajarshi Banerjee and Srinivasan Srivilliputhur
Kalani Gordon
photos in LaCore Lab at Inspire Park in Frisco
Jantana Keereetaweep (left) and Kent Chapman (right) at the Gordon Research Conference in Galveston, Texas - 2019
child and mother reading
Dr. Kaul and students in lab
Dr. Pamela Padilla in the lab
Jincheng Du
water tanks
Zikra Toure
Dr. Rachel Moran
Saraju Mohanty
Yijie Jiang
Qing Yang and Song Fu and autonomous vehicle
Daniel Alemneh
social media icons including Facebook and YouTube
Dr. April Becker in labcoat
Hurley academic building
Dr. Gill-King