Autonomous Tech in Agriculture

February 18, 2022
Nagaraju Mukka

Inspired by his family of farmers in India, Nagaraju Mukka (’16 M.S.) is using his expertise to improve technology in agriculture. Mukka, who earned his computer engineering major from UNT, is a senior software engineer at Raven Industries, a technology company working in precision agriculture. He works on their leading autonomous technology products: OMNiPOWER ™ and OMNiDRIVE ™. Currently, Mukka is developing remote ECU (Electronic Control Unit) programming software with the use of Raven’s Slingshot technology. He previously worked at Caterpillar as an embedded engineer and developed an object detection system using cameras and radar sensors. Eventually, he hopes to help farmers in India by designing inexpensive smart agriculture tools to increase production with less labor.