Forthcoming program to cultivate future leaders in Latino cultural preservation

November 2, 2023
Stewarding Cultural Heritage: Latino Art, Museums, and Preservation Fellowship (LAMP Fellowship)
Photo of LAMP graphic


  • Yunfei Du, principal investigator, professor and associate dean of academics in the UNT College of Information
  • Laura Evans, co-PI and associate professor in the UNT Department of Art Education
  • Peter Hyland, co-PI and director of the Onstead Institute for Education at UNT
  • Ana Roeschley, co-PI and assistant professor in the UNT Department of Information Science
  • Manisha Sharma, co-PI, chair and professor in the UNT Department of Art Education

Sponsor: Institute of Museum and Library Services

Award Total: $396,362 over three years

About the Project: UNT faculty from the College of Information and College of Visual Arts and Design are working in collaboration with the Mexican American Civil Rights Institute in creating a new internship program for graduate students. The American Latino Museum Internship and Fellowship Initiative will follow a small cohort model and provide professional coaching, mentoring and financial support for students advancing careers in Latino museums and cultural preservation studies. Additionally, the grant supports the development of a graduate academic certificate focused on cultural heritage stewardship. 

Impact Goal:The multi-disciplinary training approach allows student fellows to develop teamwork skills through real-life museum projects, and apply their archival, art education, library science, language and cultural competency training received from classes,” Du says. “A project like this may further catalyze innovations and collaborations between students and faculty at UNT in library and information science, data science, archives, art and the humanities.”