New Frontier for Spaceships

October 30, 2020

Alexander Sarvadi (’20) and his mentor Huseyin Bostanci, associate professor of engineering technology, believe they have found a better way to revitalize the air aboard spaceships — and NASA agrees. The two received a NASA Space Technology Graduate Research Opportunities grant that will provide up to $160,000 over two years for their research into the design and development of a “microgravity vortex phase separator for liquid amine CO2 removal system.” Sarvadi — who began graduate studies at UNT this fall and will work at NASA during the next two summers as part of the grant — and Bostanci propose to design and build a system using a microgravity vortex phase separator that could potentially offer a reliable, highthroughput flow and energy-efficient CO2 removal technology for future crewed space exploration missions.