Protecting the Environment

October 30, 2020
Shrika Eddula

Shrika Eddula, a second-year student in UNT’s Texas Academy of Mathematics and Science, jumped in with both feet as part of the early summer research scholarship program before she began her first year in 2019. She has published eight research articles across publications including the European Chemical Bulletin and the Journal of Molecular Liquids, based on her work in environmental and physical chemistry in the laboratory of her mentor William Acree, professor of chemistry. Eddula, who is president of the TAMS Research Organization, was a semifinalist in the United States National Chemistry Olympiad and is the recipient of the TAMS dean’s scholarship for research. She hopes to pursue a Ph.D. in physical chemistry and lead a cheminformatics research team at a national laboratory specializing in developing safer, cost-effective solutions for greenhouse gases, environmental degradation and carcinogenic solvents.