Cover of Research and Innovation Annual Report 2022
DRI Annual Reports

Research and Innovation annual reports provide and indepth look at all the research activity conducted by researchers in the UNT community within each fiscal year. Statistics on proposals, research expenditures, and research award dollars are summarized on these reports outline the growth of the UNT research entities.

Research magazine 2023 cover
UNT Research Magazine

UNT’s Research magazine highlights some of the most impactful and innovative research projects conducted by our researchers. As a tier-one research university, UNT is committed to tackling the biggest issues facing society. Our private investigators tackle these issues by engaging in research ranging from chemistry, to biology, engineering, social behavioral studies, linguistics, and many more.

UNT Research Newsletter

Research and Innovation is a monthly e-newsletter that highlights cutting-edge research discoveries, projects and partnerships at UNT. Research and Innovation is published by the Division of Research and Innovation in collaboration with the Division of University Brand Strategy and Communications.

Research Radar
Research Radar

The Research Radar is a monthly e-newsletter that highlights all of the important updates and latest information from each team within the Division of Research and Innovation.