Hispanic Serving Institution Funding Opportunities

UNT Designated HSI, and MSI Institution 

In 2020, The University of North Texas, Denton (UNT) achieved designation from the Department of Education as a Title III & Title V Minority Serving Institution (MSI).  In 2020, UNT also achieved designations as a Hispanic Serving Institution (HSI).

What does this mean for UNT? 

UNT is now eligible to compete for grants under Title III & Title V of the Higher Education Act. To be competitive, we must be able to show institutional commitment and support for these student populations. In addition, an HSI taskforce was created under the Office of the Provost. The UNT HSI Task Force is charged with providing advice and oversight as the institution leverages its HSI status to support and expand initiatives targeted to aid Hispanic students in successfully enrolling in, matriculating, and graduating from the university.

Proposal Guidance

We developed a proposal guidance webpage  to help proposal-writers understand how to incorporate the Hispanic Serving Institution Designation into our research identity, consider potential stakeholders, collect information and data on students and programs, and read up on recent literature for Hispanic Serving Institutions. 

MSI and HSI Funding Opportunities

Many of these funding opportunities have an imposed limit on the number of applications that an agency will accept from the institution. Email limitedsubmissions@unt.edu if you identify a funding opportunity in the list below with an imposed limit on the number of applications that can be submitted by UNT.