Purpose of Research Seed Grants

Research seed grants are intended as a mechanism to jumpstart research activity to collect preliminary data or conduct pilot studies to help with larger external funding after.

Research Seed Grants (RSGs), awarded for amounts up to $10,000 from the Division of Research and Innovation, are intended to enable research that seeds funding of extramural sponsored programs. The VPRI encourages the use of RSG's to support collaborative and interdisciplinary research.

The 2024 RSG applications are due on Friday, November 10, 2023. Please visit our InfoReady portal to submit your application. 

Visit UNT's InfoReady Portal

2020 Awardee Information

As a reminder, if you received a RSG in 2020 you will need to submit your Final Report to Victoria Smith at Victoria.Smith@unt.edu. Details for the Final Report are listed below.

Final Report Requirements

  1. PI/Faculty Name
  2. College and Department
  3. RSG Project Title
  4. Brief RSG grant research project description
  5. RSG Budget Outline
  • a. Total Amount of RSG grant funds spent, itemized by category (ex. Salary/wages, consumables, equipment, research travel, etc.)

6. Research project outcomes

  • a. Details of scholarly research publications (journal, book, exhibition etc; provide title of publication, date of publication, publisher)
  • b. Details of sponsored grant funding proposal submissions (submitted and planned):
    • Sponsored Grant Agency Name
    • Funding amount requested in proposal
    • Title of proposal
    • Role (PI or Co-PI)
    • Sponsored Grant Proposal Number (if applicable)
    • Date submitted or planned submission