For questions and general inquiries regarding sponsored projects, please email Grants and Contracts Administration at

The Grants & Contracts Administration (GCA)

The GCA serves as the coordinating department for proposal submissions to external funding entities and administers externally sponsored project awards received by the university. These sponsored projects include both government agencies (federal and/or state) and private organizations (not-for-profits, industries). The Division of Research and Innovation encourages faculty in all areas to pursue diverse funding sources. To review the roles and responsibilities of a Principal Investigator, visit our PI Handbook page. 


The Pre-Award team serves as the coordinating department for proposal submissions to, and award acceptance from, external funding entities.   

Pre-Award helps with the grant application process, review, and submission of proposals. Each proposal may have specific  guidelines that vary in complexity, and it may  be a challenge  to track and comply with  these requirements. Grants and Contracts specialists  work with Principal Investigators (PI's) to administer and shepherd projects to completion. The pre-award team helps manage a broad spectrum of sponsored project related tasks, including  pre-award administration such as budgets and administrative documents.  


The Post-Award team serves as the coordinating department for  administration of  externally sponsored  project awards received  by the university.  It is responsible for the  management of  grants  and contracts  from award acceptance to award  close-out.  This includes the award set up in PeopleSoft, the monitoring of expenditures, invoicing, financial reporting,  and award close-out.  

GCA Team