PI, Co-PI, and Research Participant Briefing

This briefing is intended for:

  • PIs and other research participants who are carrying out work supported by a grant or contract.
  • PIs and other research participants who are preparing or submitting a grant or contract, on important guidelines, regulations, and procedures​ ​

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Effort Certification and Cost Allowability Briefing

This briefing is intended for:

  • Principal investigators (PIs) responsible for expending funds and approving work effort on any grant or contract (a “sponsored project”).

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Cost Transfer Form Training

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Cost transfer Training Guide 

Note: Beginning June 12, 2020, the paper-based Cost Transfer process for UNT’s Grants and Contracts Administration has shifted to a digital format, designed to improve ease and efficiency within the process. Grants and Contracts Administration and College Research Officers have begun using an electronic/online form and approval process for sponsored projects that closely mirrors the existing Automated Budget Authorization/Inter Departmental Transfer functionality for non-sponsored activity. This project has shifted to using Peoplesoft Electronic Forms for the Cost Transfer Forms for UNT with approval workflow and cost transfer journal entries. If you work with individuals who need this information, please share with them as needed.


Who can be a Principal Investigator?

A person holding any of the following academic ranks can service as a Lead PI or Principal Investigator (Co-PI):

  • Faculty (professor, associate professor, assistant professor
  • Librarian, associate librarian
  • Research professor, research associate professor, research assistant professor
  • Research Scientist IV, research scientist III, and research scientist II

Others may request approval to serve as a Lead PI or Principal Investigator (Co-PI). For persons with the following job titles, Lead PI or Principal Investigator status may be requested:

  • Assistant librarian
  • Postdoctoral research associate
  • Research Scientist I
  • Director
  • Lecturer
  • Visiting professor
  • Adjunct professor