Programmatic Reporting

Progress/Technical Reports

A progress report, sometimes referred to as a technical report, is a document that gives a summary of the project, stating the progress made toward the goal during the reporting period. 

The submission of a progress/technical report is the responsibility of the PI on the award.

  • There are different reporting cycles of progress/technical reports that may be required. A sponsor may require monthly, quarterly, semi-annual, annual, ahoc, and final progress/technical reports. Sometimes reports are mentioned but the reporting cycle is not identified in the award document. When the reporting cycle is determined, the information should be submitted to the Grants and Contracts Office so that the information is included in the award record.
  • The Grants and Contracts Office monitors progress report requirements for all sponsored projects and maintains copies of all progress/technical reports in the award record.
  • Progress/technical reports are not financial reports but may require some financial information to be submitted with the progress on the project.
  • There are some progress/technical reports that require coordination of the report submission by the authorized institutional official, and/or require an authorized signature. The National Institutes of Health and the Department of Education are examples of agencies that require action by an authorized institutional official.

Sponsored awards that are contracts have progress/technical report requirements as well. If a contract identifies there are progress/technical reports (sometimes called deliverables), due, these reports will be required to be submitted to the sponsor as well as the Grants and Contracts Office. Any changes to the progress/technical reports due for an award should be addressed in a contract modification approved by the sponsor.

The submission of a late progress/technical report could have negative implications for the PI and the institution. Respond to requests for reports in a timely fashion.

Copies of progress/technical reports, as well as any questions about progress/technical reports can be sent to Michelle Hildebrand, Grants and Contracts Analyst, at Michelle can also coordinate the efforts of the authorized official, if applicable, for a progress/technical report.