Equipment Transfer

Equipment Transfer

When a faculty member accepts an appointment at another University, and wants to take equipment with them, the request must be approved in writing by the Chair and the UNT Vice President for Finance, the UNT Vice President of Research and Innovation and the other university must be willing to accept responsibility for the equipment and pay for the shipping costs.

Restrictions include:

  1. Items purchased under a Proj ID belong either to UNT or to the funding entity. If the items belong to the funding entity, then the funding entity must give written permission in order for items to be transferred to the new institution.
  2. If the grant has ended, and ownership of the equipment vests with UNT, then the items must remain until UNT receives something of value in exchange. The UNT Property Manager can assist with determination of the remaining value of the equipment. In Texas, there is a constitutional prohibition against making a gift of state funds. To give away state funds, or items paid for with state funds, is unlawful absent the receipt of something of equivalent value.
  3. If a computer is being transferred, pursuant to UNT Policy 10.048, Section 10, Disposal of Surplus and Salvage Property paragraph for Disposition of Computer Related Equipment (pages 11 and 12).

"Unless specified by the contract or law, it is the intent of the University to erase all software and data files from all data processing storage devices before their official disposition." Licensed software and confidential information may not be transferred.

Assuming all parties agree to the transfer, UNT receives something of value for the transfer, there are no unusual restrictions in the original award document that might limit our ability to transfer title, and the equipment is not being shipped outside the United States, please use the following procedure.

  • The PI should obtain written approval for the transfer from the Chair, the UNT Vice President for Research, and the UNT Vice President for Finance.
  • Submit the written approval, along with a list of the equipment to be transferred to the UNT Property Manager. The list should include a description, serial number, and UNT inventory tag number (where applicable).

The UNT Property Manager will then review the list of equipment for appropriate value and identify a contact at the receiving University. Property transferred by UNT to an out of state University must occur as a sale for “best value” and the current State sales tax must be assessed (see UNT Policy 10.048).

The UNT Property Manager will collect payment from the receiving university prior to shipment. The receiving University will need to arrange and provide transportation and related costs.