Closing a Sponsored Project Research Account

Closing a Sponsored Project Research Account

Close-out Notification

Preparing for close-out actually begins upon receipt of an award. The award agreement and prescribed terms and conditions must be reviewed to ensure accuracy throughout the life of the award. Expenditures should be reviewed at least monthly to ensure all charges are appropriate and allowable. Final corrections must be identified and adjusted within 90 days of the award end for most sponsors; however, some sponsors only allow 30 or 60 days.

60 days prior to the end of an award, a notification is sent to the PI by GCA requesting that that all required activities be completed to ensure an efficient and timely close out of the project. At this time, a full review of all direct cost categories (salaries, P-Card, equipment, supplies, tuition, etc.) should be completed in preparation for close-out. Generally, all materials and supplies must be received and services rendered prior to the expiration date of the project. It is the PI’s responsibility to carefully review the related COGNOS report to verify accuracy of all expenses. All accounts payable and payroll encumbrances must be liquidated prior to the award end date. Vendors should be contacted regarding the status of any unpaid invoices.

PI salary/effort should be reviewed to ensure it has been charged according to the sponsor authorized budget. Payroll appointments that continue past the award end date should be transferred to a different funding source. Verify that hourly employees have been fully paid. Cost sharing should also be reviewed to ensure that the fully committed amount will be expended by the aware end date.

Sub-awards are usually concurrent with the award period of the prime award. The PI is responsible for ensuring that the final invoice is received by the date specified in the award agreement. Sub-recipient invoices that are not received, approved and paid by the required deadline are subject to non-payment and de-obligation.