Purpose of the Handbook

This PI Handbook is designed to provide principal investigators (PIs) at the University of North Texas (UNT) guidance on:

  • services provided by the Division of Research and Innovation and departments within (GCA, RIC, R&D, RCA)
  • sponsored project procedures and practices (e.g., pre- and post-award, research compliance, contracts, and commercialization)
  • policies and procedures regarding the research enterprise, based on federal and state laws and guidance
  • responsibilities of PIs, research staff, and administrative staff
  • definitions and resources available to research investigators
  • practices to identify research funding opportunities

Leadership and Guiding Concepts

The Faculty PIs drive the research enterprise at UNT by garnering resources and funding to support their research endeavors and their training of students involved with research. The research enterprise at UNT is overseen by the Vice President of Research and Innovation. The staff within the Division of Research and Innovation (DRI) provide research services support to faculty and researchers so that they are successful in garnering and utilizing resources and funding for research purposes.

Research is comprised of the creative and systematic work undertaken by PIs to increase the stock of knowledge—including knowledge of humankind, culture, and society—and to devise new applications of available knowledge. There are three types of research activity: basic research, applied research, and experimental development. To aid our continuity of being a Hispanic Serving Institute, Carnegie Tier 1 Research Institute, and progress towards national research university status, as defined by the State of Texas, the Division of Research and Innovation is adopting a high standard of best business practices aligned with peer and aspiring institutions.