Research Proposal Preparation

Preparing a Proposal for Submission

The submission of a proposal is the common avenue of approaching potential sponsors for support of research or other projects. The process of writing proposals—which clearly defines the ideas, concepts, and solutions, as well as the problem, and states the advantages or benefits to be gained as a result of the efforts proposed—is an important task. The burden of proposal writing rests with the faculty member who will be designated as the principal investigator (PI) or project director and who will be responsible for the project upon award. Prior to preparation of a formal proposal, there is a considerable amount of preliminary work which should be accomplished to avoid unnecessary effort.

GCA does not guarantee the submission of proposals that do not allow for sufficient time to complete the necessary review and navigate an appropriate proposal submission. There is a 6-business-day deadline in which the PI must submit all required proposal documents in order to receive a full comprehensive review from GCA. If an award is made based on a late submission of a proposal, the PI and the department or other university unit will be responsible for covering costs incurred by UNT as a result of any proposal errors. Such costs might include cost sharing commitments, inaccurate rate calculations for indirect costs, or unallowable commitments of UNT resources. UNT reserves the right to review and request changes prior to acceptance of an award or to decline an award if the budget or other commitments contained in the proposal do not conform to UNT specifications or requirements.

Common Sponsored Project Information

The University of North Texas has standard Institutional Information that is commonly required for proposal submissions. Frequently used information for proposals can be found on the GCA Website: