When a portion of the programmatic scope of work is proposed to be completed by a collaborating institution or organization, generally the entity involved is considered a sub-recipient. When investigators from another institution or organization participate in the research, their home institution or host organization will be the sub-recipient, and their proposal related documents are required by UNT prior to submission of the proposal.

The sub-recipient’s proposal must contain, at a minimum, the following:

  • Statement or scope of work. 
  • Budget (including applicable indirect costs—F&A). 
  • Period of performance (start/end dates). 
  • Letter of collaboration/commitment signed by authorized person (not PI or Co-PI). 
  • Copy of negotiated F&A Rate Agreement, when applicable

The sub-recipient should provide the Federal Employer Identification Number (FEIN), confirmation of current SAM registration, and any required certifications.

The sub-recipient proposal is then incorporated into UNT’s primary proposal. A list of the sub-recipient’s total costs should be included under Sub-recipients (or Subcontract category) of the budget depending on the sponsor’s requirements. The first $25,000 of sub-recipient’s costs will be included in UNT’s base for F&A assessment.

GCA review of the proposal will include review of sub-recipient documents.