The use of paid consultants may be justified when the project calls for expertise of a well-defined nature for a fixed period of time. By definition, consultants are not employees of UNT. Consultants should be budgeted only for tasks where on-campus expertise does not exist or is not readily available.

Some sponsors do not permit payments to consultants and some restrict or limit such payments. If in doubt as to the allowability of or rates paid to consultants, check the sponsor’s guidelines or contact GCA.

Principal investigators are expected to anticipate and indicate the need for consultants in grant applications or contract proposals. The proposal should include the following:

  • Consultant name. 
  • Description of services to be provided. 
  • Number of days, or hours, of anticipated consultation. 
  • Rate of compensation, and/or travel, per diem, etc. 
  • Resume or curriculum vita. 

Sponsors may require a letter from the consultant confirming their role in the project, and the daily/hourly rate. PIs must ensure the following conditions are met when considering a consultant: 

  • Services the consultant will provide are essential to the project and cannot be provided by persons receiving salary support under the grant or contract or who are otherwise compensated. 
  • Selection process has been followed to select a qualified consultant available to perform the required services. 
  • Fee is commensurate with the qualifications of the consultant and the nature of required services 
  • Consultant meets the requirement of an independent contractor as defined by the Internal Revenue Service.