Research Development Services

Research Development Services

The DRI provides many capacity-building opportunities for researchers so that they increase the success of garnering external funding. The VPRI, AVPRI, Assistant Director of Research Development, and staff members of the DRI all contribute to developing research capacity at UNT. Refer to the DRI Events Calendar to identify scheduled events (e.g., workshops, informational seminars, interdisciplinary meetings). 

Capacity Building and Research Training 

The AVPRI and Assistant Director of Research Development work closely with one another and with faculty success and respective academic units to provide services and resources to PIs. Their objective is to facilitate the building of interdisciplinary teams, increase external funding applications and awards, provide technical editing support on proposals, identify and disseminate information on external funding opportunities, manage the limited submissions process, inform about the opportunities UNT has a Hispanic Serving Institute, and manage internal seed funding.


The Vice President of Research and Innovation provides all UNT researchers with a paid subscription service to Pivot, which is a proprietary funding opportunity database built by the education company Proquest.  Researchers can log into the site through Pivot's homepage. The Pivot database provides users with a personalized portal to search, track, and save funding opportunities keywords entered in the database. Research Development staff within the VPRI provide training and tips on the database upon request. is a free resource to the public that captures real-time information on Requests for Proposals (RFPs) and Broad Agency Announcements (BAAs). Researchers at UNT may also request to be added to a listerv to receive a monthly curated funding newsletter, vetted for UNT eligibility and provided by the Research Development staff. UNT researchers may contact to be added to the listerv.

Limited Submissions

Defined as opportunities in which the sponsoring agency limits the number of proposals a single institute (e.g., one application from UNT) or units within an institute can submit (i.e., one application per college or department). The limited submission opportunities are listed on the DRI Limited Submission webpage,  provided in a monthly email newsletter sent to Associate Deans and list serve. The VPRI office will work with college Deans to and other stakeholders in cases in which the sponsoring agency requires cost share (e.g. NSR MRI grant applications).

Hispanic Serving Institute (HSI)

UNT is designated by the Department of Education as an Hispanic Serving Institution (HSI), which is under the umbrella of a Minority Serving Institute. This designation now allows for UNT to apply for Title III and Title V funds. UNT is positioned to apply for both Minority Serving (MS) and Hispanic Serving (HSI) opportunities. A curated list of MS and HSI funding opportunities is provided on the VPRI website that researchers are encouraged to learn about and apply for. Note that some of these opportunities are Limited Submissions.