Grants and Contracts Administration


This section contains the organizational structure of GCA, points of contact for specific services, and the various types of sponsored projects and agencies.

Grants and Contracts Administration (GCA) serves as the coordinating unit for externally sponsored projects. The goal of GCA is to assist faculty and professional staff in their efforts to secure external funding and administer awards received by UNT. Research Commercial Agreements (RCA) negotiates and executes those sub awards and subcontracts related to sponsored projects or contracts. Both GCA and RCA report to the VPRI.

The functions of GCA include the following:

  • Formulating grant and contract administration policies and procedures.
  • Overseeing the submission, award acceptance, and administration of sponsored project grants and contracts throughout UNT from inception through closeout.
  • Assuring timely receipt of and proper fiscal stewardship for sponsor funds.
  • Maintaining liaison with sponsoring agencies concerning University organization, policies, and procedures; representing UNT in negotiations with sponsoring agencies to assure consistent contract and grant provisions and policies; resolving problems and settling disputes.
  • In cooperation with other University offices, assuring compliance with sponsor’s policies, e.g., fiscal, property, intellectual property, human and animal subjects.
  • In cooperation with other University offices, maintain official records concerning sponsored projects including official grant and contract files.
  • Assisting faculty and department/college staff in the preparation of the proposals and other administrative aspects of sponsored projects as needed.
  • Training of PI and research administrative staff.
  • Negotiating University-wide F&A costs.