Role of College/Department Research Administrators

Research Administrators

Departments and colleges that have staff available for assisting in the development of the proposal and/or the preparation of budgets and other forms should continue to provide this help before the six-day deadline for transmittal of complete proposal packages to GCA. Requests for such assistance are to be made at the discretion of the PI, are voluntary assistance on the part of the departments and colleges, and should be carried out prior to the six-day deadline.

The Lead/Contact PI’s Department Chairs and,College Deans, will be included in the electronic review and approval steps to allow for more robust Departmental and College oversight and to ensure the most effective use of Departmental and College resources. It is the college Dean’s and the department Chair’s responsibility to confirm that financial commitments made in a proposal, as well as the personnel and facilities referenced in a proposal, are reasonable and available to carry out the proposed project. UNT’s Grants and Research Administration Management Suite (GRAMS) software system allows PIs to enter proposal-related information into a web-based form and submit it to the appropriate reviewers and approvers for electronic authorizations.

The Dean and Chair are expected to electronically review and approve the proposals from their College or Department in a timely manner. This will ensure sufficient time for the thoughtful consideration and review of the proposal by GCA for sponsor and institutional requirements prior to the proposal submission to federal agencies and other sponsors.