UNT Research Administrative Structure and Collaborative Units

UNT Research Administrations and Units

UNT is comprised of several different research departments and units that contribute to UNT's research enterprise.

DRI Departments

The Vice President Research and Innovation (VPRI) is responsible for the administrative oversight of UNT’s research projects. This administration is made possible by the departments within the DRI: Grants and Contracts Administration (GCA), Research Integrity and Compliance (RIC), Research Commercial Agreements (RCA), Research Development (RD), and Research Communications and Project Management (RCPM) departments.

Collaborating Units

Cross unit collaborations are key to providing top research services. The VPRI and AVPRI work closely with the Vice President for Academic Affairs, Advancement, Corporate and Foundations Relations, Risk Management, Deans, Chairs, and Faculty in establishing research policies and procedures. The VPRI is advised by the Faculty Research Council, Faculty Senate, and the Vice President for Finance and Business Administration to provide supporting services to the PIs.

Research Institutes, Centers, and Core Facilities

Additionally, the VPRI oversees the University Research Institutes and Centers and the University Research Core Facilities. Through strong administrative support and collaboration, these resources provide UNT researcher PIs with opportunities and support to grow their research enterprise.

Deans, Department Chairs, Institute Directors, and Center Directors

The department chairs have a general responsibility for promoting the scholarly and research activities of their departments, as well as fostering sound stewardship of funds. They review applications, as applicable, for research projects and transmit those approved through the appropriate dean to GCA, ensuring that faculty assignments and release time, recognition distributions, administrative support, F&A (IDC) allocations, cost share (matching) commitments, and space demands of all such projects are in the best interests of both their department and UNT as a whole.

Deans should review for eligibility of PI and Co-PI, recognition distributions, F&A (IDC) allocations, and availability of cost share (matching) commitments. PIs are required to work with Deans and Department Chairs to when cost sharing (matching) commitments are required by a funding agency.

Associate Deans of Research (ADR) are often collaborators with the DRI and called upon to provide input, guidance, and recommendations to the Division of Research and Innovation. Faculty are advised to work closely with their respective ADR or other academic Associate Deans to develop research programs aligned with college and departmental mission and goals.