VPRI and Responsibility

Vice President for Research and Innovation

The VPRI is the University official responsible for the development and implementation of policies and procedures relating to sponsored projects (extramural and intramural). These policies and procedures are aligned with federal and state laws and guidelines for conducting research. That is, DRI provides the necessary structure and support so that PIs can conduct research aligned with federal guidelines.

The VPRI is responsible for assuring the protection of human subjects in compliance with federal law. For this purpose, the VPRI has established an Institutional Review Board (IRB). UNT requires that, prior to initiation, all research projects involving humans as subjects must be reviewed by the IRB. This policy applies, regardless of the source of funding and location of the study, to all biomedical and behavioral research involving human subjects conducted by UNT’s faculty, staff, and students. Information about the IRB is located at the IRB Protocol Submission page.

The VPRI is also the University official responsible for policies and procedures concerning the care, maintenance, and use of all vertebrate animals in research, research training and biological testing activities, and export control, in compliance with the rules of regulatory authorities. Details of the policies and procedures are included on the Research Integrity & Compliance home page.

Technology & Sustainable Processes

The DRI embraces the use of technology, implements sustainable processes, and is aware of use of resources. Thus, PIs and other research personnel can reach all of our staff via Microsoft Teams (message chat or calls). Furthermore, the DRI has implemented paperless processes.