Submit a Conflict of Interest Disclosure

Step 1: Submitting a Disclosure

All individuals responsible for the design, conduct, or reporting of research at the University of North Texas must complete a COI disclosure.

COI Disclosure

Step 2: Complete COI Training

All personnel on proposed or awarded funding are required to complete COI training in response to regulatory requirements. COI training is integrated into the COI disclosure process. The trainings questions are at the beginning of the disclosure process. Researchers engaging or planning to engage in Public Health Service (PHS) funded research must complete specified COI training prior to engaging in PHS-funded research or every four (4) years.

Step 3: Disclosure Review Process

Research Integrity and Compliance (RIC) conducts a pre-review of all disclosures and communicates with researchers to obtain required information.

RIC routes all positive disclosures to the COI Committee for review.

Step 4: Management Plans

If the SFI disclosed requires a management plan, the COI Committee and RIC will work with researchers to create and submit a proposed management plan.

All Management Plans proposed by the COI Committee are subject to final approval by the VPR.

RIC will send the final decision to the Investigator for review and signature.