IRB Forms and Templates



Informed Consent Form - Adults

The consent form used for most studies that require a signature.

Informed Consent and Assent Forms - Parents and Minors

Parental consent/permission and child assent forms that are used for studies enrolling minors.

Informed Consent Form- With HIPAA Authorization

A consent form used when medical information (HIPAA) will be collected.

Informed Consent Notice - Electronic Consent 

Consent form used for electronic surveys.

Request for Waiver or Alteration

Required form if you are using the Informed Consent Notice- Electronic Consent form

Recruitment Email

An example of an email used to recruit participants for a human subjects research study. All elements of the template must be included but you may format the email as you wish.  

Recruitment Flyer

A recruitment flyer seeking participation in a human subjects study. All elements of the template must be included but you may format the flyer as you wish.

IRB Final Report

Request to terminate an active study. This form should be attached to a Cayuse "Closure" request.