Institutes of Research Excellence

Our Institutes

The Institutes of Research Excellence bring together a critical mass of knowledge and faculty collaborating on projects designed to create a stronger platform for interdisciplinary research and partnerships with industry to create solutions and further contribute to the North Texas region’s economic growth.

Advanced Environmental Research Institute (AERI)

AERI features a thriving interdisciplinary research team exploring fascinating questions about our environment while developing effective solutions to complex problems confronting public and private organizations. The research team conducts ongoing research in a wide array of areas related to local, regional, national and international environmentally influenced problems. 

Advanced Materials and Manufacturing Processes Institute (AMMPI)

AMMPI brings together a diverse group of faculty members who are focused on structural materials, functional materials, computational tools, and advanced manufacturing processes. The strength of the institute’s members lies in designing high-performance materials for the aerospace, automotive, and energy sectors.

BioDiscovery Institute (BDI)

BDI delivers research solutions to underpin the utilization of plants, forest products, and other biomass for production of biopolymers, new bio-based materials for construction and transportation, biofuels, and bioactive small molecules with applications in both agriculture and health care.

Jim McNatt Institute for Logistics Research (JMI)

JMI provides the capability to develop effective solutions to complex problems confronting public and private organizations. Specialties include business logistics, economics, information technology, transportation, and operations research.