University-Managed Research Facilities

University-managed facilities are labs, equipment, space, and technology — any kind of infrastructure — that enable faculty, students, and external research partners to conduct high-level solutions-based research in key areas. This infrastructure, from physical space to high-end research equipment to innovative technology, is key to research that leads to discovery or enrichment in a field. Often, the unique suites of equipment are housed together in a shared facility or at a research park where the environment itself fosters collaboration and new ideas. 

As UNT has expanded its research enterprise, the university has built exceptional new research facilities and developed expertise in an array of innovative research areas to develop its capability for fundamental and applied research, technology transfer, and ultimately business incubation. This is key to encouraging startups and partnering with industry and business to commercialize research that tackles real-world issues. 

UNT's Shared Facilities

Materials Research Facility 

UNT's Materials Research Facility (MRF), located at Discovery Park, is one of the most advanced university research facilities in the nation for materials analysis — from the atomic to macro scales. The facility offers a suite of powerful analytical instruments used for true 3D characterization and processing with an adjoining cleanroom so that materials can be synthesized, tested, and controlled in close proximity. UNT is among an elite group of public institutions nationwide to offer these open access resources. 

BioAnalytical Facility 

Provides a diverse collection of services and equipment for faculty and industry partners, including mass spectrometers with advanced capabilities for separating and quantifying small molecules and macromolecules. 

Genomics Center

Provides high-quality RNA and DNA sequencing analysis for UNT researchers and external clients. 

The Genomics Center and BioAnalytical Facility are supported and managed by the Division of Research and Innovation.


Benefits of Using a University-managed Research Facility

University-managed research facilities are unique in that they enable internal collaborations and access to equipment beyond the reach of most individual researchers. With these facilities comes the brainpower and manpower to research, execute, and commercialize new ideas. A university has researchers — experts in chosen fields — who have dedicated themselves to exploring, testing, and creating solutions. Through shared research facilities, they have the latest high-tech equipment and space to carry out the most sophisticated research projects and analysis. 

 In addition to providing central support for high-cost equipment and ongoing maintenance, university-managed facilities enable: 

  • Combined resources to offer researchers high-tech equipment and to update it in a more timely manner 

  • Increased efficiency and collaboration among university and external researchers who are sharing space and equipment 

  • Designated space for top-level research projects in key fields 

  • Shared laboratory managers and technicians who care for the equipment and provide expertise to faculty, students, and external partners  

"State-of-the-art labs and high-end research equipment are key to research that leads to discovery and solutions. At UNT, we’ve built exceptional research facilities and are creating even more, so our researchers — both faculty and students — can push the boundaries of science, technology and creativity." 

— Neal Smatresk, UNT President