BioAnalytical Facility

The BioAnalytical Facility (BAF), directed by Ana Paula Alonso and managed by Jean Christophe Cocuron, features state-of-the art mass spectrometers with advanced capabilities for separating and quantifying small molecules and macromolecules. The BAF offers metabolomics services to internal and external users.


The BAF vision is to unconditionally support researchers in the field of metabolomics. This facility has state-of-the art mass spectrometer instruments that can quantify metabolites and their labeling as well as macromolecules. Ana Paula Alonso (BAF's Director) , Jean Christophe Cocuron (BAF's Manager) , and Yasmeen Elharis (Research Coordinator) are committed to assist scientists: i) in the design of robust analytical methods, and ii) the interpretation of data. 


The BAF vision is to unconditionally support researchers worldwide in the field of metabolomics. Therefore, its mission is to:

  • Provide access to the core facility for all researchers for services and research
  • Train researchers regarding the utilization of state-of-the art mass spectrometers
  • Assist scientists in the design of robust analytical methods as well as the integration and interpretation of data
  • Provide letters of support for funding agencies
  • Offer outreach services through educational workshops and tours.


Photo of woman (Ana Paula Alonso) working in greenhouse and touching flowers 
  Ana Paula ALONSO

  BioAnalytical Facility Director,Professor

  Phone: (940)-369-5229



Photo of man (Jean Chrisophe Cocuron) smiling and working with a processor in a lab
  Jean Christophe COCURON

  BioAnalytical Facility Manager, Research Scientist I

  Phone: (940)-369-5233



Photo of woman (Yasmeen Elharis) working in a lab
  Yasmeen Elharis

  Research Coordinator



Metabolite and Macromolecule Classes

Below are links to the complete list of compound and macromolecule classes that can be analyzed by BAF with more to come (updated April 2023):

Metabolite Classes include:

  • Amino Acids and derivatives
  • Phenolics/Hormones/Secondary Compounds
  • Phosphorylated Compounds and Organic Acids
  • Polyamines
  • Polyunsaturated Aldehydes
  • Sugars & Sugar Alcohols
  • Others

Metabolites whose 13C-labeling state can be determined:

  • Amino Acids
  • Fatty Acids
  • Organic acids and Phosphorylated Compounds
  • Sugars & Sugar Alcohols

Macromolecule Classes include:

  • Cell Wall
  • Total Fatty Acids and Fatty Acids Composition (FAMEs)
  • Proteinogenic Amino Acids
  • Starch
  • Total Protein content
  • Polar and non-polar lipids (coming soon)