2022 Research Magazine

vaccine vials on conveyor belt being packed into vehicles
server room with blue lights
student researchers in CAAAM facilities
Anatomage table with student's hands
CAAAM graphic
April Becker and Carlos Lopez
Researcher working in BioAnalytical Facility
Melanie Ecker and grad student in lab
Researchers in field with widlflowers
3 researchers in stream with net
small drone in lab
Ballistics team
Nada Shabout
Karen Hutzel
hand holding cotton boll in field
Warren Burggren and Gil Martinez Bautista
Alexandra Ponette-González outside
elementary students in classroom with hands raised
TEDxUNT sign and stage as seen through iPhone screen
Chelliah and Leventhal headshots
Hae Jin Gam in computer lab
Dave Meder with keyboard
Dr. Pudur Jagadeeswaran in laboratory
Ifana Mahbub and four student researchers
Phil Samson with sculpture in greenhouse
Brian Wright
Bill Acree at his desk behind piles of papers
NOAA color hurricane images
Angie Cartwright, Peggy Ceballos, Chandra Carey and Drew Mukherjee
Amy Guan
Garrison Gerard in front of mountain
Hillary Shah
Madison Card
Stephanie Gonzalez
Michael Moore
Vincent Lowe
Kathryn Hays
kYmberley Keeton
Bree Nichols
Eric Lim at Stoke
Junfei Xie
Joe Louis
Nagaraju Mukka