Grants and Research Administration Management Suite (GRAMS), is a fully electronic Research Administration System that enables faculty and staff to route and approve proposals, submit most federal applications to and manage awards, contracts and agreements in one integrated dashboard. The main GRAMS page can be found at

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Funding Proposals (PIs and Pre-Award Administrators)

Your GCA Specialist will initiate a GRAMS Funding Proposal for you based on the information submitted in a GCS Request. If you have not yet submitted a GCS Request Form to GCA, you will need to submit your request and await a reply from your assigned GCA Specialist before moving forward. A GRAMS Funding Proposal must be complete for all external sponsored projects and should be complete and routed for internal approvals prior to our internal 6-day deadline. 

Budget Building (PIs and Pre-Award Administrators)

424 Proposals (PIs and Pre-Award Administrators)

UNT GCA will use the S2S feature when available in GRAMS. This will allow functionality of linking the 424 applications with the internal Funding Proposal for Grants.Gov submissions, as well as ability to map details from the Funding Proposal and budget into the 424 proposal.

Approvals (Deans/ADRs/Department Chairs/Institute Directors)

The Department and College reviewers that will access, review, and approve a PI’s Funding Proposal. An Ancillary Review is also a method of submitting a review request outside of the departmental review routing and workflow process. This is a manual process, not an automated one, and it can be kicked off by the PI/Administrative Contact/GCA Specialist for many reasons including cost share. 

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