April 25, 2023 

NIH New Data Management & Sharing (DMS) Plan Requirements

Effective January 25, 2023 NIH’s new Data Management Policy was implemented. This policy requires researchers to prospectively plan for how scientific data will be preserved and shared through submission of a Data Management and Sharing Plan and to implement the approved plan. Additional information and resources available on the Application Guides & Resources, NIH tab on the GCA Pre-Award website.

 April 25, 2023 

NSF New Off-Campus and Off-Site Research Requirements

NSF’s PAPPG includes a requirement (effective January 30, 2023) for the AOR to certify that the grantee organization has in place a plan for safe and inclusive research workplace environments for any proposal including off-campus or off-site research.  Additional Information and resources available on Application Guides & Resources, NSF tab GCS Pre-Award website.

 April 25, 2023 

NSF Biographical Sketch & Current and Pending Support documents

Effective October 23, 2023 NSF will require the NSF Biographical Sketch and Current and Pending Support documents to be generated using SciENcv. It encouraged to use SciENcv prior to this time. Additional information regarding this and SciENcv of the Application Guides & Resources, NSF tab GCA Pre-Award website as well.

 April 25, 2023 

Website resources available

GRAMS Training Guides and materials, as well as other information and resources regarding budgeting, data management planning, SciENcv, ORCID, etc are now available as well. You are also encouraged to review the Sponsored Project Handbook.


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